Public Health Bill Passed by Kerala Assembly: Time to think similar about Right to Education including Higher Education

Sharing on the Public Health bill recently passed by Kerala assembly. We need similar Public Education Bill for guarantee of fundamental right to education.
Currently Right to Higher Education is not directly the part of fundamental rights of Constitution nor it is included in RTE act.

I understand Constitution gives a vision of education for all, but there are hardly any provisionsgiven in the constitution which guarantee them, and neither there are any means (Ordinance, Act) by which one can hold state responsible if those rights are not guarranted and implemented.
There is a need for expansion of the right to education up-till higher education, and this Public Health Bill opens a door to think on these aspects also about right to education.

Health is a state subject which allows states to take such positions and actions. For education to have similar agency, it is important to look at the movement underway in Tamizh Nadu pushing for education to be moved from the concurrent list to the state list. Given the ongoing power play of the Union Govt., to erode federalism, serious strategising would be needed.

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