Introducing Azad Maidan

About Azad Maidan

Azad Maidan is a place to publish articles/documents, curate them, and write reviews or comments about what is published elsewhere, about your reflections on what is happening in the world, reports from the ground etc., on topics that concern the well-being of all.

We are serious about civilized discussions. Our moderators may delete very brief and unsubstantiated contributions or engage with the contributor to edit them to ensure the conversation continues and does not spread hatred. Please read the FAQ article for additional clarification.

Is the site public?

Yes. All published posts and conversations will be visible to all without registration. However, only registered users can contribute, follow topics, and receive notifications.

Who can register?

Anyone with a valid and confirmed email can register. The site does not support automated bots.

Regulation and Moderation

All registered users can contribute to weed out uncivilized posts by clicking on Flag. All flagged messages will then be brought to the moderators’ attention, who may either delete or engage with the contributors to edit until it is acceptable. Multiple violations of the terms and conditions may lead to disabling the registration. Please read these documents carefully.

About creating categories and subcategories

Initially, we begin with very broad categories and use tags (keywords) to curate the articles. No unclassified articles will be published. When in doubt, use the General Category. Our moderators may reclassify based on the content. Over a period of time, as more and more articles accumulate, our curation team may create a new category or subcategories. You may suggest and send requests as and when you feel the need for new categories. As we evolve, your feedback shall be a valued contributor to our editorial policies.


The contributions can be in any language our moderators can understand. When our moderators cannot, they may seek help from others who understand and make an appropriate decision.

If you still need any clarifications on the use of the site

Please reply to this post and seek clarifications, provide suggestions.

This platform is an initiative of Navodaya Networks Forum with the support of partnering organizations and volunteers. If you or your organization would like to be a partner, please write to


This sounds good on an initial reading. Thanks for getting this rolling.!!

If any thoughts or ideas for modification occur, then will pass on to moderation team.



Great initiative. Hopefully our nation will change for the better when the messages here are spread among the citizens.
Best wishes to the team.

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Perhaps the title of this post could be changed to About Azad Maidan + FAQs?


Thanks. Modified “Introduction” into “About Azad Maidan”.