Group Discussion: Merit in education

Education (from pre-nursery to higher education) is a fundamental right of the people.
Education is a public good, and the state is obligated to make full provisions of all resources and finances to fulfil this responsibility.
The existing concept of merit is untenable. It is based on and perpetuates uniformity, standardisation, discrimination and exclusion.
Current concepts of merit tend to isolate features that characterize largely privileged elite sections of our society.
There is no space for reflecting the multi-dimensionality and diversity of social life and lived experiences of oppression and discrimination.
Competition does not enhance learning. It is only prioritised in the present system because of the failure to provide the facilities for all and because of the domination of the market in employment.

The Alternative Model:
Education should aim for equality of outcomes.
Basic holistic education for critical thinking
Problem-driven interdisciplinary education to foster adaptability and creativity.

Non-competitive rubrics need to develop, capturing diverse facets of a child’s learning.

For the success of any alternate model, teachers and students need to have greater autonomy in the learning experience and the modes of evaluation.

The state must provide all finances required for implementing the above concept of merit so that the fundamental right of education for all is realised.

Group members: Arunan, Ashutosh, Durgaprasad, Madhu, Manav, Prajval, Saunri