Debate: Forget Past Choices of Thinkers, What Can Muslims Do Now to Tackle Caste? by Omair Ahmed

“The more important question is why the political reality of the caste system, something that has left a horrific scar across all communities in South Asia, has been avoided by Muslim politicians and political thinkers… The unwillingness to engage with its exclusionary, inequitable nature was a choice… (which) was, above all, political. Muslim rulers in the north, whether the Sultanate, the Mughals, or the brief interregnum of Sher Shah Suri were interested in power and stability, not revolution or conversion.”


A complement to Omair Ahmed’s article and furthering the debate on caste and how it permeates all religions. Shaikh Mujibur Rehman also points out - “In India’s ideological struggle between secularists vis-a-vis Hindu nationalists, it appears as if the BJP is trying to give back to its ideological opponents, the secularists, in their own game.” The Hindu Right’s ploy to win over Pasmanda Muslims - The Hindu (behind paywall)

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