Darwin and Theory of Evolution Out of the Syllabus

Recently NCERT has made changes in the syllabus which removes Darwin and theory of evolution out of the textbooks. This is in line with some of the other changes done for removing and distorting crucial things in history.

Are these changes correlating with NEP 2020 policy or are they separate from it?

Quite clear that this is part of a systematic strategy to push dogmatic pseudo-scientific claims. Another step in this direction appears to be the ‘death’ of Vigyan Prasar. The AIPSN has sent out a strong appeal in this connection ‘Don’t Shut Down Vigyan Prasar’..

While the NEP 2020 is peppered with phrases like ‘scientific temper’ and ‘critical thinking’ the various actions clearly bely this. This erosion of scientific thinking in the coming generations will need a concerted and persistent effort to reverse.

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