Asli to reality

A powerful video clip, apparently from a S Indian film, (Dhanush?), which conveys a stinging critique of our caste consciousness , corruption in education, the private vs state run education system, and above all the brilliance abd creativity of one young teacher.

Hope it can be opened. I cant seem to get a link outsude of FB


I think the movie is Sir. The movie does have some touchy acts, however it continues to play the idea that education is about scoring high grades, competition and coaching. The story told by an IAS officer how they received better coaching from Sir, and several of them were able to migrate successfully. Did it change the village after a couple of generations or the quality of life of the rural natives, even as it is depicted in the story?

I would hesitate to call this asli talim.

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Ofcourse you are right there are many unanswered questions. What I found refreshing however is that at least these uncomfortable areas - such as caste based discrimination; and the politician/private education vendor is shown up so clearly - and from that point of view I would still choose to call it opening eyes to some ugly realities in our system.

Further there was an important focus on how the teacher creatively did try to deal with the caste issue and also introduced an important principle of co-operating across these barriers for mutual/shared learning