An Eye for an Eye

This is why the cycle of violence never breaks… While the onus of proving loyalty and wanting peace does and should not rest upon the shoulders of Muslims in India, but if there ever was a time for moderate Muslims to speak up, the time is now.

There is possibility of a nexus between the Hindu extreme right & the Muslim extreme right, since both benefit by retaining and strengthening the hold on their respective cadres through the implicit and explicit hate expressed for the “other”. In fact, Owaisi’s outfit has been named (by some commentators) as BJP’s ‘B’ Team, as they both derive electoral benefit from baiting each other.

It wouldn’t be surprising. Which is why citizen activism becomes more vital than ever. We must encourage pushback from all quarters.

Why should moderate Muslims or for that matter Hindus speak out against a terrorist organisation? Should that not be a given,?

Because when they/we don’t, we become complicit by way of silence, and it only helps strengthens the stereoypes people have about certain faith groups. A Hindu person I know closely is perpetually complaining abou how Muslim voices are never heard in protest, when something extreme takes place in the name of Islam.

I have asked moderate Muslim friends here in Mysuru, to speak up individually and/or collectively, to condemn terrorists, but they are chary of doing it, because of fear of names being noted. Fear is seriously pervasive.

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